LPM 2024

As we say goodbye to LPM 2024 in Morocco, I’m filled with gratitude for an unforgettable experience. It was an honour to serve on the Mapping Contest jury and witness incredible talent and innovation.

Despite the sandstorm on the final night, LPM 2024 remained a remarkable experience. From captivating visuals to dynamic audio performances, the event showcased the resilience and creativity of its participants.

The workshops, discussions and networking opportunities enriched our artistic journey and left us inspired for future endeavours.

Thank you to everyone who made LPM 2024 a success. Here’s to the magic of live performance art and the friendships made along the way. Until we meet again, let’s keep pushing the boundaries of creativity.

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New modular / video Jam

Please take a look at the new modular jam with generative visuals, which was recorded live at the Map&Fold concert in February 2023.

Kunst! Stream with Michael Fiedler & Sibel Caliskan (18.02.2021)

#Michael Fiedler
Michael Fiedler works with field recordings, sounds and noises that are captured directly before and during the performance, modified live with software and hardware as musical source material and made directly audible in a completely new context. Complemented by the powerful visual art of PPLC. Dance performance: Sibel Caliskan

#Sibel Caliskan
Sibel Caliskan is a freelance dancer and performer from Munich. With a great interest in improvisation and creation, she collaborates with various artistic figures in the performing arts. Her artistic work and movement language are characterised by interdisciplinarity and the connection between dance and movement research.

New Work: Endgame

We aka das Shining are working on a new project: Endgame

Extinction is the termination of a kind of organism or of a group of children, usually a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species, although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost before this point. 

As we are at the moment at the beginning of the so-called Holocene extinction we created Endgame to draw attention to it. This performance deals with the connection of different creatures and their extinction. Our virtual life forms grow and thrive, they influence each other, explore their surroundings, mate with others and little by little, they die. The extinction of species sets in. 

Spectators of this event are invited to observe – and hear – the mesmerizing spectacle and the devastating end of existence, without the ability to intervene. 

The audience can influence the sounds generated by the installation by moving virtual ears via their smartphones to individual points of the scene. These ears generate signals that are evaluated by our synthesizers and thus control the performance together with us. 

The performance will premiere at the World Earth Day Festival 2022.

Exposure Therapy Stream

Exposure Therapy streams local music culture straight into your living rooms! As long as we all have to stay at home we will regularly provide you finest electronic music out of one of Tübingen’s shared houses.

Here you can listen to my stream from 12.1.2022

timodufner @ exposure therapy #12