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Schlachthaus Schlachthausstr. 6, Tübingen

DeepBassMusic is back. Bassmusic, Jungle & Rave all night long with: Philo (Précey/ jungletrain.net, Köln) Syncope (Oszillate, Tü) PapaLoco (DBM / Oszillate, Tü) Visuals: das Shining Our Guest: Philo proves you don't need decades of experience to understand and push boundaries of a genre. With national and international recognition, Philo's originally vinyl-exclusive selection has evolved […]

Live Performers Meeting 2022

Nuovo Cinema Aquila Via l'Aquila, 66/74, Rome

We are very excited to invite you to LPM 2022 Rome, a think-tank and a celebration of Audio Visuals Performing Arts. The XXIII edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting is set to happen from the 9th to 12th of June in the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy. We want to let artists be a real […]