Nachtstrom Labelnight: Ancient Methods

ANCIENT METHODS (4-Stunden-Set) (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe / Persephonic Sirens)
>>> Christmas is right around the corner and we have a special gift for you this year: For this month’s Nachtstrom Labelnight, we are very excited to bring back one of Berlin’s finest and most innovative techno artists to the Schlachthaus in Tübingen for a special extended 4 hour set: Michael Wollenhaupt a.k.a. Ancient Methods, the founder of the record label Persephonic Sirens and mastermind behind projects such as Room 506 and Pogo im Säurebad, Ugandan Methods and Eschaton. Known for his cutting edge performances at such legendary clubs and events like Berghain, Tresor, Khidi, Wave Gothic Treffen, Boilerroom and all around the world, he will be coming back to Tübingen for an unforgettable night full of genre-crossing, pitch-black techno funk and industrial techno. Musical support will be supplied by Nachtstrom labelhead October Rust, Carlos Lopez & Alex Mason.

Nachtstrom Labelnight: Headless Horseman

HEADLESS HORSEMAN (Nachtstrom / 47 / Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
>>> From the shadows to the stage, Headless Horseman’s musical efforts are meticulously executed without compromise. The eponymous Headless releases sum up the modus operandi of this artist: dark, raw and rhythmic IDM flavoured Techno. His hardware only live sets at Berghain, Berlin Atonal, Boiler Room and worldwide have showcased the Horseman’s insurmountable skills as a producer and cemented his place in todays techno scene. For the first time in Tübingen, we are really excited to present you the Headless Horseman at the Schlachthaus as headliner of our Nachtstrom Labelnight in November. Get your dancing shoes ready and prepare for some serious dancefloor damage. Musical support will be coming from Nachtstrom labelhead October Rust, Carlos Lopez and Alex Mason.

From Disco to Disco

Die Zugvögel verlassen ihre Gefilde, um an neuen Orten zum Tanz zu bitten. Lisbird zwitschert seit Jahren durch die Berliner Clubszene und flattert extra für diesen Samstag zu uns. Davor spielt euch Don Jorge mit seiner unendlichen Auswahl an Vinyls auf die Tanzfläche, danach Jane Doom – die einzige lokale Dragkünstlerin, die #strictlyvinyl auflegt. Für alle die dann noch nicht genug haben schubst timodufner die BPM nach oben.
**Sektempfang ab 22 Uhr solange der Vorrat reicht**
From disco to disco
Town across town
Ein Vogel fliegt ein
Ein anderer wird abhauen
Don Jorge
Lisbird [ ]
Jane Doom
das Shining


DeepBassMusic is back. Bassmusic, Jungle & Rave all night long with:
Philo (Précey/, Köln)
Syncope (Oszillate, Tü)
PapaLoco (DBM / Oszillate, Tü)
Visuals: das Shining
Our Guest:
Philo proves you don’t need decades of experience to understand and push boundaries of a genre. With national and international recognition, Philo’s originally vinyl-exclusive selection has evolved over time into a digital hybrid in the pursuit of the best possible sound. Characteristics of her eclectic selection involve rough UK bass, which is somewhere between breakbeat, half time, dubby bassbin jungle and footwork with a splash of classic 90s aswell as house influences according to the maxim ” keep moving forward“!
Not long ago she started producing and released her first tune “Zooma Patrol” in cooperation with Moogie Fox on the berlin label Headlight Records – her first solo-release is gonna be out in beginning of 2022 on the Brazilian Label Nice & Deadly – more to come!
In 2021, together with Marie Montexier and Aino DJ, she founded the event series Précey, which focuses on female and non-binary artists to push the scene in Cologne.
She also hosts her radio show on