Kinder der Nacht

Bereitet euch auf ein audiovisuelles Erlebnis im Schlachthaus vor, das euch erneut auf eine Reise durch Raum und Zeit mitnimmt. Lasst euch von pulsierenden Beats tief in eure Seele durchdringen, während keine Kleidung trocken bleibt. Freut euch auf eine Mischung aus Techno, Broken Beats, House und Acid. Diesmal haben wir AINO aus Köln zu Gast, begleitet von den Kindern der Nacht, Fluffa und timodufner. Also schnappt euch eure Lieblingsmenschen und begleitet uns in den Club der Herzen. Wir sehen uns auf der Tanzfläche!
# Lineup:
AINO (Précey, Köln)
TIMODUFNER (Tanztee, Tü)
FLUFFA (Oszillate, Tü)
Cologne based Aino DJ brings a broad range of music tastes together: originally rooted in electro and breakbeat from the 90s and 2000s, she also doesn’t shy away from groovy house, bouncy techno and trance. She loves to twist her sets into unexpected directions, sometimes taking it slower with percussive rhythms and more organic sounds. She never just focuses on one genre; unwilling to fulfill expectations regarding the sound she plays. She hosts a regular night at JAKI club, aiming to push more balanced line-ups in the city together with her collective Précey.

Santorin Pressure with DJ Storm

DJ Storm (Metalheadz London UK)
Lightwood & Telmo A
Visuals: PPLC

DJ Storm from London is a legend in the drum and bass scene. She is one of the co-founders of the renowned label “Metalheadz” and has been a leading figure in the genre for over two decades. Her precise mixing skills and diverse selection of tunes have earned her a reputation as one of the best DJs in the game. Whether she’s playing deep and atmospheric rollers or heavy, dancefloor-focused bangers, DJ Storm always delivers a dynamic and captivating set. Don’t miss the chance to witness her skills in action!

Oldschool Techno Classics mit Dr. Gomez

Omen, Dorian Gray, Oz, Nexus, Störung, Skylab, Wabun und einige andere legendäre Tanztempel in denen tausende Menschen Anfang der Neunziger nächte- und tagelang ekstatisch zur wummernden Bassdrum einer völlig neuen Musikart zappelten, gibt es seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr.
TECHNO wurde diese neue Musik genannt und diese Musikart bewegt nach wie vor ganz viele Menschen weltweit.
Natürlich klingt Techno heute anders als damals, auch wenn bis heute noch hier und dort der ein oder andere Technoklassiker zu hören ist.
Am 30.4. präsentiert euch der damals in Tübingen lebende, heutige Wahlberliner DJ Gómez, der seit 1993 als Discjockey die Technoszene im Ländle aktiv mitgestaltete, von Anfang bis Ende viele seiner Lieblingsklassiker aus der spannenden Ära 1989-1995. Musikalisch wird es nicht nur eine Zeitreise, sondern auch eine stilistische Reise zwischen Technohouse, Techno, Acid, Trance und Bigroom-Rave-Hymnen sein, dabei jedoch mit einer ordentlichen Portion TRANCE! 🙂
Das ist DIE Party für all diejenigen, die damals als junge Menschen diese bewegende Zeit mitgemacht haben und für alle jungen Menschen von heute, die gerne erleben möchten, worauf ihre Eltern gefeiert haben. Wahrhaftig eine Party für Jung und Alt 😃
An alle “Veteranen” gerichtet:
Packt eure alten Raveklamotten wieder aus der Mottenkiste und SAVE THE DATE!
Visuals: PPLC


Liebe Freund*innen der gebrochenen Beats und der tiefen Bässe, stampfender Kicks und ACID-Lines:
es ist endlich wieder soweit: Am Freitag, den 21.4. veranstalten wir wieder eine Oszillate im Epplehaus!
///OBEN (DnB/Jungle/Breaks)
DJ FLIGHT (London)
RUDIRU (Oszillate)
L-ZETTO (Oszillate)
///UNTEN (Acid/Techno/Rave)
NAZZ (Stuttgart / Lehmann)
TIMODUFNER (Tanztee / Oszillate)
AUDIONYM (Kinder der Nacht)
DJ Flight is widely regarded as one of the foundations of Drum & Bass and a pioneer of dance music. As a DJ and a radio presenter, she has been at the forefront of the scene’s transitional periods by championing underground music and eclectic producers. Flight draws attention from beyond the genre due to her exquisite live sets that emanate deeper shades of Drum & Bass.
Flight gained worldwide recognition when she became the first woman to host a national weekly Drum & Bass show. The Next Chapter on BBC 1Xtra was a seminal fixture that quickly became The Holy Grail for discovering new styles and experimental sounds.
Flight has held residencies at Metalheadz and Swerve, produced tunes with Breakage, and released music on 31, Critical, Bassbin, and Product. In 2005, she started her own label, Play:Musik which launched the career of Martyn.
Flight plays Drum & Bass and More Styles sets and has been nominated for a DJ Mag Best of British award. Her music has sprawled into art and film, seeing her perform at the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival and Theaster Gates’ installation for Prada Mode during Frieze week.
She is the co-founder of EQ50, a collective of women addressing inequality and representation in dance music. In 2020, the collective launched the first ever Drum & Bass mentorship programme for womxn.
Flight is a producer for the Prison Radio Association, a multi award-winning charity which runs the world’s only national station for prisoners, and aims to reduce reoffending through the power of radio. In 2020, she produced the Windrush Stories podcast series and documentary which garnered widespread acclaim for its beautiful exploration of the Caribbean experience in Britain.
DJ Flight is often cited as one of the originators of the dance music scene and has appeared on Woman’s Hour, Radio 1, and the British Council’s Selector Radio to celebrate her history as a Black woman DJ and broadcaster.
Her sets are a high-energy blend of fast-paced beats, heavy basslines, and intricate mixes that keep the crowd dancing all night long.
Introducing the unstoppable force of the German jungle drum and bass scene, the
one and only L-Zetto! Hailing from the dynamic Reutlingen/Tübingen region, L-Zetto is a master of breakbeat rave music, delivering mind-blowing beats and electrifying basslines that will leave you breathless. As a member of the renowned Oszillate Crew, L-ZettO has honed his craft and developed a reputation for delivering unforgettable sets that push the boundaries of what’s possible in electronic music. Whether he’s tearing up the dancefloor with his explosive mixes or taking listeners on a journey through the deepest depths of jungle and drum and bass, L-Zetto always delivers. With a passion for music that shines through every note and beat, L-Zetto is a force to be to be reckoned with!
…takes the audience on a techno-rave-acid-electro journey. Minimalist and pathetic. Break beat meets four on the floor. Whether as a DJ or as a hybrid live set, he will take you with him into a tunnel somewhere between the nineties and the year 2049.
Seine Sets sind druckvoll, groovig und je nach Setting und Publikum auch breit gefächert.
Angefangen hat der Vinylliebhaber mit French Disco und Deep House. Inzwischen ist Audiomym stiltechnisch zwischen Bouncehouse, Acid und hypnotischen Techno anzusiedeln, wobei es für Ihn grundsätzlich keine Stilgrenzen gibt, solange es im Herzen und auf der Tanzfläche funktioniert.
The 24 year old stuttgarter dj “nazz” has been falling in love with groove music over the last two years. Her journey to groove started with producing drum and bass tracks and finding out how more kicks and hats have a positive influence on the track. After that she started looking for groove tracks and is still adding new tracks to her playlist today. Compared to mixing hardtechno nazz prefers the therapeutic and more interesting sound of groove tracks and mixing them (but also likes the energy of mixing hardtechno tracks). Playing a groove set in the club is also a complete different vibe and feeling which nazz really enjoys. Hope you can feel the groovy vibes too and enjoy the set!


Liebe Freund*innen der gebrochenen Beats und der tiefen Bässe:
es ist endlich wieder soweit:

///Lineup (Rave/Jungle/Breaks)


Philomène Robinne aka Philo proves you don’t need decades of experience to understand and push boundaries of a genre. With national and international recognition, Philo’s originally vinyl-exclusive selection has evolved over time into a digital hybrid in the pursuit of the best possible sound. A regular on UK lineups, Philo just played a slot at Londons legendary Rupture and moved between festivals this summer, such as Fusion or croatian Membrain festival.
Characteristics of her eclectic selection involve rough UK bass, which is somewhere between breakbeat, 4 to the floor, dubby bassbin jungle and footwork, with a splash of classic 90s aswell as (progressive) house influences according to the maxim ” keep moving forward“!
Not long ago she started producing and released on Headlight Records, Nice & Deadly, nonesuch, Stereo45, Defrostatica and Miura Records- more to come soon

In the sets of Syncope there is a whole range of drum & bass subgenres to discover. Everything that sounds spherical-melodic, dark and broken or deep and driving is on the plates anyway and everything that sounds somehow different usually does too. As a DJ, Syncope has been on the road a lot in the Cologne area and was a guest at various parties and part of the drum & bass radio show 12 Zoll at the Hochschulradio Kölncampus.

From Disco to Disco

Die Zugvögel verlassen ihre Gefilde, um an neuen Orten zum Tanz zu bitten. Lisbird zwitschert seit Jahren durch die Berliner Clubszene und flattert extra für diesen Samstag zu uns. Davor spielt euch Don Jorge mit seiner unendlichen Auswahl an Vinyls auf die Tanzfläche, danach Jane Doom – die einzige lokale Dragkünstlerin, die #strictlyvinyl auflegt. Für alle die dann noch nicht genug haben schubst timodufner die BPM nach oben.
**Sektempfang ab 22 Uhr solange der Vorrat reicht**
From disco to disco
Town across town
Ein Vogel fliegt ein
Ein anderer wird abhauen
Don Jorge
Lisbird [ ]
Jane Doom
das Shining

Tanztee #10

[Techno / Leftfield Electronics / Acid / Electro]

Rücken an Rücken spielen dieses mal nicht wijsneus sondern timodufner und Julius Elias Klänge, die von der Woche erschöpfte Beine und Köpfe wieder einsatzbereit machen. Lasst den Stress zuhause und bewegt eure Extremitäten an diesem herrlichen Sonntag zu unseren Klängen. Visuell serviert Tschänz seine Sammlung aus Tee und Rosenblüten.

Zu unserem Gast:
Julius Elias is a DJ, producer and acoustics enthusiast. His musical style ranges from deep to hard techno including track findings from nights digging for the most driving tunes, own productions and classics from pioneers of electronic music. Always energetic, never cheesy.


DeepBassMusic is back. Bassmusic, Jungle & Rave all night long with:
Philo (Précey/, Köln)
Syncope (Oszillate, Tü)
PapaLoco (DBM / Oszillate, Tü)
Visuals: das Shining
Our Guest:
Philo proves you don’t need decades of experience to understand and push boundaries of a genre. With national and international recognition, Philo’s originally vinyl-exclusive selection has evolved over time into a digital hybrid in the pursuit of the best possible sound. Characteristics of her eclectic selection involve rough UK bass, which is somewhere between breakbeat, half time, dubby bassbin jungle and footwork with a splash of classic 90s aswell as house influences according to the maxim ” keep moving forward“!
Not long ago she started producing and released her first tune “Zooma Patrol” in cooperation with Moogie Fox on the berlin label Headlight Records – her first solo-release is gonna be out in beginning of 2022 on the Brazilian Label Nice & Deadly – more to come!
In 2021, together with Marie Montexier and Aino DJ, she founded the event series Précey, which focuses on female and non-binary artists to push the scene in Cologne.
She also hosts her radio show on