Map&Fold Concert #12

Map&Fold proudly presents: Ambient und Experimentalmusik jeden ersten Dienstag im Monat! Dies ist das letzte Konzert vor der Sommerpause!

Thomas Maos



Thomas Maos and his electronic guitar

Sein aktuelles Solo Album glühen wurde 2021 im Bereich Grenzgänge für den Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik nominiert. Tom Greenland vom NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD schreibt darüber: …Der dramatische Bogen vieler seiner Tracks wird größtenteils von Kontrasten in Klangfarbe und Textur getragen, die so abgemischt sind, dass jeder markante Klang auf die gegenüberliegenden Seiten der Stereomischung verschoben wird, wodurch ein einnehmender “Dialog” entsteht.“

…is a musician, media artist and computer scientist. His work focuses on testing the limits of hardware and software. Glitches are an inevitable part of this process, which he consciously uses to his advantage. Another characteristic feature of his work is the direct interaction between sound and image as well as a two-way exchange between the audience and the piece. All of his work is created in real time – in the moment – making each performance unique. Real-time audio processing, machine learning and AI, live coding and numerous experimental devices are used to create an immersive viewing and listening experience.

Geargrind extemporises electronic music, live, with only little preparation before each show, which makes every performance unique. No software is involved in any of his shows. Instead, he uses digital and analog instruments to create a sound that oscillates between spheric-synthetic ambient sounds and hard acid trance.

Freistil – Wöhrdstraße 25, 72072 Tübingen / Eintritt Frei

New modular / video Jam

Please take a look at the new modular jam with generative visuals, which was recorded live at the Map&Fold concert in February 2023.