Tanztee #11

[Techno / Leftfield Electronics / Acid / Electro]
Rücken an Rücken spielen dieses mal wieder nicht wijsneus sondern timodufner und Julius Elias Klänge, die von dem Jahreswechsel erschöpften Beine und Köpfe wieder einsatzbereit machen. Lasst den Stress zuhause und bewegt eure Extremitäten an diesem herrlichen Sonntag zu unseren Klängen. Visuell serviert Tschänz seine Sammlung aus Tee, Rosenblüten und Glitter!
Zu unserem Gast:
Julius Elias is a DJ, producer and acoustics enthusiast. His musical style ranges from deep to hard techno including track findings from nights digging for the most driving tunes, own productions and classics from pioneers of electronic music. Always energetic, never cheesy.
Julius Elias b2b timodufner all day long

Nachtstrom Labelnight: Ancient Methods

ANCIENT METHODS (4-Stunden-Set) (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe / Persephonic Sirens)
>>> Christmas is right around the corner and we have a special gift for you this year: For this month’s Nachtstrom Labelnight, we are very excited to bring back one of Berlin’s finest and most innovative techno artists to the Schlachthaus in Tübingen for a special extended 4 hour set: Michael Wollenhaupt a.k.a. Ancient Methods, the founder of the record label Persephonic Sirens and mastermind behind projects such as Room 506 and Pogo im Säurebad, Ugandan Methods and Eschaton. Known for his cutting edge performances at such legendary clubs and events like Berghain, Tresor, Khidi, Wave Gothic Treffen, Boilerroom and all around the world, he will be coming back to Tübingen for an unforgettable night full of genre-crossing, pitch-black techno funk and industrial techno. Musical support will be supplied by Nachtstrom labelhead October Rust, Carlos Lopez & Alex Mason.

From Disco to Disco

Die Zugvögel verlassen ihre Gefilde, um an neuen Orten zum Tanz zu bitten. Lisbird zwitschert seit Jahren durch die Berliner Clubszene und flattert extra für diesen Samstag zu uns. Davor spielt euch Don Jorge mit seiner unendlichen Auswahl an Vinyls auf die Tanzfläche, danach Jane Doom – die einzige lokale Dragkünstlerin, die #strictlyvinyl auflegt. Für alle die dann noch nicht genug haben schubst timodufner die BPM nach oben.
**Sektempfang ab 22 Uhr solange der Vorrat reicht**
From disco to disco
Town across town
Ein Vogel fliegt ein
Ein anderer wird abhauen
Don Jorge
Lisbird [ ]
Jane Doom
das Shining


Mit vollen Zügen schlürft der Dichtergeist am Borne des Genusses.
Das Herz erfreut zum Rhythmus schlage um des Klangeswillen sodann beschwingt zum Tanze erhebe.
Genug kann nie und nimmermehr genügen – oder doch?
Wir stellen die Taktgeber der feucht-fröhlichen Spätsommernacht vor:
Mononoid aus Groningen in den Niederlanden. Nicht ohne Grund releasen Mononoid auf Labels wie Stil vor Talent oder Einmusica. Die Produktionen sind klar, warm und fett. Deep bis tribal Techno kann hier erwartet werden.
Aus Stuttgart beehrt uns Arcon Ultra, ein passionierter Musiker, der sich mit Leib und Seele der elektronischen Musikkultur widmet und auch Verantwortung dafür übernimmt. Er setzt sich für die Interessen der gebeutelten Subkultur Stuttgarts ein und lebt seine Liebe zur elektronischen Musik.
Die Gastgeberin Sirikit muss hier nicht weiter vorgestellt werden, denn wer kennt sie nicht, in Tübingen? Sie wird den Abend einspielen und den Floor bereiten.
Für die optischen Reize sorgt Mr. Flower Power digital Visuizer PPLC.


DeepBassMusic is back. Bassmusic, Jungle & Rave all night long with:
Philo (Précey/, Köln)
Syncope (Oszillate, Tü)
PapaLoco (DBM / Oszillate, Tü)
Visuals: das Shining
Our Guest:
Philo proves you don’t need decades of experience to understand and push boundaries of a genre. With national and international recognition, Philo’s originally vinyl-exclusive selection has evolved over time into a digital hybrid in the pursuit of the best possible sound. Characteristics of her eclectic selection involve rough UK bass, which is somewhere between breakbeat, half time, dubby bassbin jungle and footwork with a splash of classic 90s aswell as house influences according to the maxim ” keep moving forward“!
Not long ago she started producing and released her first tune “Zooma Patrol” in cooperation with Moogie Fox on the berlin label Headlight Records – her first solo-release is gonna be out in beginning of 2022 on the Brazilian Label Nice & Deadly – more to come!
In 2021, together with Marie Montexier and Aino DJ, she founded the event series Précey, which focuses on female and non-binary artists to push the scene in Cologne.
She also hosts her radio show on

Live Performers Meeting 2022

We are very excited to invite you to LPM 2022 Rome, a think-tank and a celebration of Audio Visuals Performing Arts.

The XXIII edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting is set to happen from the 9th to 12th of June in the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy.

We want to let artists be a real part of LPM, by participating actively to let it happen as their very own project. Let’s create the future of AVarts together!

To be part of the meeting, please follow the procedures in the Call to participate section of the website and choose the subscription option that suits your needs the most.

Registration is open until April 18, 2022.

LPM 2022 Rome offers a unique opportunity to participate in 4 days packed with audiovisual performances, VJing experiences, workshops, panel discussions and product showcases, all presented by more than 300 artists, professionals and Audio Visuals Performing Arts enthusiasts from 40 countries.

This XXIII edition seeks to recognise and further broaden the existing practices of live video performance in a wide and diverse program.

VJs, AV artists, designers, newcomer enthusiasts, professionals and the audience will be involved in the manifold planned activities, ranging from experimental audiovisual performances, architectural mapping shows, VJ-DJ Sets to workshops, lectures, roundtables and presentations and launches of products and hardwares, with a special focus on Free and Open Sourceprojects.

Meeting areas devoted to the interaction among the hundreds of participants will be the axis for the whole duration of the event.

Designed as a real meeting place, a space that fulfils an important opportunity for dialogue and exchange, LPM encourages research, the encounter and exchange between different forms of artistic expression in the Audio Visuals Performing Arts field, the interaction and experimentation with multiple techniques and digital technologies, ranging between analog, software and hardware.

The Meeting promotes transnational movement and exchange of ideas, artworks and artists. All funds collected by LPM are invested in innovative research and experimentation in the field of live visual arts with the latest technologies in hand.

Since 2004, LPM hosted more than 6.156 artists, 3.219 performances, workshops and showcases, recorded an overall amount of 73 participating countries and welcomed more than 1.500.000 visitors with editions in Apulia (IT), Xalapa (MX), Minsk (BY), Mexico City (MX), Cape Town (SA), Eindhoven (NL) and two in Amsterdam (NL) in addition to those held in Rome (IT).

Through our 18 years of experience, we were able to draw a conceptual map of the trends that influenced the creation of live video performances the most. The program of this edition reflects and investigates these trends:

  • Live Cinema
    Works performed exclusively live, capable of demonstrating a narrative combined with experimental approach; projects in continual tension between perceptive experience and performative act.
  • Video Mapping
    A technique of video-projection that animates architectural objects. The effect is spectacular and exciting, it confuses and seduces our perceptions through the dialogue among images and tridimensional surfaces. The usual object the spectator is familiar with is transformed into an entirely new form, the public spaces are reshaped and renewed.
  • Digital Freedoms
    Activism, coherent, appealing, sense-making, participatory and visually appealing data visualization of public or private data. These forms of artistic expression have been able to inform, question, challenge, empower, activate and mobilize people around the world.
  • Visual Gender
    Thanks to the gender studies, queer theory and contemporary art, the vision of the body, the sexual, LGBTQ+ identity is connected and manifests through the Audio Visuals Performing Arts sector and the audio-video language becomes an instrument of emancipation of the genre.
  • Generative Visual
    Thanks to an encoding of the active and reactive world around us, new digital biospheres offer the public the experience of complex networks composed of simple sensory-bit binary codes.
  • Stereoscopic 3D
    Stereoscopic vision allows to create a complete perceptive immersive experience through three-dimensional display of standard video content. Ad hoc software and technologies are used to manipulate the visual perception of space to create “augmented” worlds.
  • Lasers & LEDS
    This technologies coming from lights sector are nowadays manageable with live visuals software and are playing a leading role in many brand new AV shows.
  • VR, AR, MR
    Connection between artistic creation and progressive technology includes increasing fusion of virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed (MR) reality allows to explore new forms of expression as well as to research possible overlap with the scientific, technological, educational and social fields.