Bleep Blop

“Bleep Blop” is a data-based audiovisual performance in the field of experimental rhythm. It uses earthquake data from the devastating tsunami in Thailand to generate hypnotic and meditative patterns. At the same time, the music is visualised using the same data sources. During the performance, the visualisation and music interact and merge, influencing each other to create a unique result at each performance.

Materials used:
Seismographic data from around the world archived and generated during the performances, neural networks operating and data, audio and given maps, Max, VDMX and Live. It can be used in VR/AR (with UNITY) environments and I have created a spatial audio version (using SPAT).

BleepBlop will be on show as a work in progress at B-Seite 2023 & Reservoir Festival 2023.

You can find a recording of the work-in-progress version of B-Seite December 2023 here on their Facebook page.