Tribute to Distler / Totentanz

This is a very personal work based on my previous machine learning performances called “Markov Chain“. In addition to the Markov chains used, a statistical model to simulate decisions in computers based on a network of random decisions, I added a more powerful neural network, a simulation of neurons working in our brains in large numbers and their connections and trained that network with a work by Distler called Totentanz. All the information was fed into the system, not only audio data, but also images, notation, historical facts. These two very different approaches now generate in realtime a new version of Totentanz every time it is started. The controlling and rating of the results is done by recorded medical data during the traditional catholic funeral of my grandfather earlier 2016. So the information my body spreader during this funeral is controlling an unlimited amount of versions of this Totentanz as it differs in every performance very strongly, but never detracts from the spirit and darkness linked to Distler’s original work. 
The work was first shown during B-Seite Festival 2017 in Mannheim.